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Poems & Song Lyrics
by Paul M. Carhart

Paul Carhart doesn't consider himself an accomplished poet but others have expressed interest or even a passion for his work. He suspects that his love of poetry and skill with meter comes from his grandmother on his mom's side of the family, the late Beatrice Fredricks.

Some of his poetic work has come to life as song lyrics as well. Assembled here are a few samples of both poems and song lyrics for your enjoyment.


Nothing I Have Felt

I Need A Hand

Growing Up

Life's Road

Song Lyrics:

The Middle

Asking For Directions

Blown Away


Paul has been known to allow his poetry to be reprinted, but only by permission and only with the appropriate copyright ownership. If you would like to reprint any of his poetry or song lyrics, please contact him at



Thoughts about poetry

I started writing what most people would call poetry when I was in high school. Most of it took the form of song lyrics for my first band. However, a lot of the time there was no music and I just put down what was swimming around in my head.

Very little of that work survives to this day. The samples on this site are more recent.

One thing I've noticed about myself and my ability to write verse is that there has to be some struggle going on inside me. If I'm more or less content, my writing endeavors do not come out as verse but take the shape of stories and novels.

Right now, newly married and with our first child, I'm failrly content. Of course, there's always the struggle with humanity and where we stand with God and that's where most of my poetic thoughts lie these days.

So, in between all of my other creative endeavors, Lori and I hope to write some original worship songs to go along with the standards we do when we lead worship.

Perhaps some of that will show up here one day.

- Paul M. Carhart

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