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Short Stories by Paul M. Carhart

While he prefers the larger canvas of the novel to that of the short story, Paul has posted a few of his less lengthy fiction here for your enjoyment.

Riot Act - A Fairlight Tale
Nik Tavarone had once been an actor, the end result of which had found him rounded up with other creatives and interned in a cleansing camp. Can Nik use his creative talents to escape the cleansing process which will rob him of his talents, his creativity and even his very personality?

This story was previously published in Prisoners of Time: Collection of Speculative Fiction, now available.

Saint Nik - A Fairlight Tale
Rather than celebrate Christmas Eve the old-fashioned way, Nik Tavarone takes Faith with him to recover a package vital to the resistance. Of course, adventure ensues.

Taking Chances - A Fairlight Tale
When Marc Fairlight is captured by Enforcers, Chance must do everything he can to come to his friend's rescue.

The Prince of the Elves
A young elven prince must come to terms with his own curiosity or face the consequences.

Pet's Regrets
What happens when the family cat refuses to listen to the family dog? Told from the dog's point of view.

Between novels, Paul continues to pen short stories featuring characters from the Fairlight series. He expects to eventually collect his Fairlight-related short stories into an anthology.



Works In Progress

Between my novels, nonfiction and articles, I don't get a chance to write a lot of short stories these days. That said, I still try to keep something going on the short story front, mostly in the realm of further exploring the Fairlight universe.



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