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Nothing I Have Felt

by Paul M. Carhart

Nothing I have felt is unique
Yet I grant such importance
To what I think
To what I believe
To what I feel
And so I should

So, also, should you


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I was sitting at a poetry reading in Colorado Springs with my friend Jonathan Martin. It was just after the U.S. attacked Afganistan following the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center in New York. There was a lot of anger and a lot of politicizing in these "poems" and I realized, whether I agreed with them or not, that my own opinions and thoughts about the situation were hardly unique.

Basically there were two sides. I was on one with many others. And there were plenty of folks on the other side. None of us had a unique viewpoint.

But that doesn't diminish our viewpoint. Or our dreams or aspirations. Just the fact that we have our feelings and thoughts and opinions and dreams makes them important because God created us to have these things.

So what if others share our viewpoint? We should always cherish what God has given us inside. When we stop doing that, we fail as human beings.

- Paul M. Carhart

  © 2002 Paul M. Carhart, all rights reserved, all media.