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Blown Away

Lyrics by Paul M. Carhart
Music written and arranged by Paul M. Carhart

I marvel at the world that You created out in space
and how You gave us light to push our fears out of this place
I watch the sun go down and all the light begins to dim
resting easy cause I know the sun comes back again

I watch as man rebels, as twilight is approaching
We go about our work of keeping darkness from encroaching
We light our streets, our homes, our cars to keep away the night
to simulate the sun until the morning break of light

Chorus 1:

    Then the sun You created rises up from far away
    It makes man's nightly vigil obsolete in every way
    Fear of dark and things within are different in the day
    This sun of Yours has risen and blown it all away

In this world we go about the business of our lives
We go to work, we pay our rent, we serenade our wives
Through it all You're always near, always in control
Even when I almost wrapped my car around that pole

Even when my life can drive me crazy with distraction
You are leading me along despite my selfish actions
And though I keep on messing up and rarely pay attention
You show me through your Word that salvation's Your invention

Chorus 2:

    Because the Son you sent rose up from far away
    and makes mankind's intentions obsolete in every way
    All our works are useless from the Garden to today
    This Son of Yours has risen and blown it all away


    Sometimes my eyes will wander
    to the minor things of life throughout the day

    Please snap me back here to ponder
    and rise again within my heart and blow me all

And as I lay myself to bed I know it won't be bleak
when I shake the sleep away tomorrow or next week
Mankind and me keep slip'n'sliding every single day
until Your Son returns to us to blow it all away

Chorus 2


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This song ponders just how big God's creation is and at the same time that we human beings are an important part of that creation.

So important, in fact, that God sent His Son to earth to restore what we humans have screwed up over the centruies.

Sorta mind blowing when you think about it. Huh?

- Paul M. Carhart

  © 1998 Paul M. Carhart, all rights reserved, all media.