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Novels by Paul M. Carhart

Fairlight novels

Chance for the Future by Paul M. Carhart

Hope for Tomorrow by Paul M. Carhart

Faith in the Past by Paul M. Carhart

PsyChick™ novels

One of the Girls by Paul M. Carhart

Worlds Collide novels

A Stranger on Bay Street by Paul M. Carhart

Planetfall (three novels in one volume)

Plunge Into Eden by Paul M. Carhart

The Wilderness Beyond by Paul M. Carhart

The Serpent King by Paul M. Carhart



Works In Progress: Fiction

Worlds Collide:
A Stranger at the Gallows

In , Melvin Sapp, a good-natured lad from back east makes his way out west to find his fortune but soon discovers he doesn't have the first idea as to how to survive on his own. Luckily, he runs into Nathaniel, a seasoned veteran of the war between the states, who mentors him. Along the way, he meets Beatrice, the rancher's daughter. The three unlikely companions find themselves enmeshed in a battle between good and evil. But Nathaniel is keeping a pretty big secret: He's an angel.

Fairlight#4: Faith Restored

Fairlight Chronicles #4. Shortly after the events in Faith in the Past, Chance, Mancy, Nik and Faith must resolve their differences with Tannk and capitalize on their victory to take the Government once and for all.

Also working on sequels to One of the Girls and Planetfall.


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