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Asking For Directions

Lyrics by Paul M. Carhart
Music written and arranged by Paul M. Carhart

You know me so well, Lord
You say that You know every hair on the top of my head
But my hair is going
But You're still knowing, You're still keeping tabs on me

Show me the road, Lord
The straight one, the narrow one, the one that you want me on
'Cause I like to wander
Chasing my hopes and dreams and thinking I'm having fun


    I am my Father's son
    Help me to be more like you, Dad
    I am my Father's son
    Pretending to be someone else instead

Please light my way, Lord
I'm fumbling around here, bouncing off things once again
Show me the way, Lord
So I stop trying out roads that lead to nothing but pain


Swallow me up, Lord
And spit me out on the road that I know I need to be on
Like Jonah, I fight you
Runnin' 'round in circles and in every warped direction



    I know You're listening ... I know You're leading
    I know You're speaking ... Lord hear me pleading

    I know You're faithful ... I know You love me
    You know I'm coming ... I know You've missed me

CHORUS2 (x2):
    I am my Father's son
    I want to be more like you, Dad
    I am my Father's son
    Living the life that I know you intend


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This song sorta came out of the whole "men don't ask for directions" myth that women like to perpetrate on us guys.

But I've found, if you're really seeking God, you may need to ask for directions.

And we shouldn't be afraid to.

- Paul M. Carhart

  © 1998 Paul M. Carhart, all rights reserved, all media.