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Unchained Melody
by Paul M. Carhart

Create Something
by Paul M. Carhart
Originally published, iU SF/F Community, 8/04

A Funny Way of Working
by Paul M. Carhart
Originally published, Raw Confession Online, 1998

CCM CD Reviews

In 1997 and 1998 Paul was a CD reviewer for the now defunct The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine (TLeM), a Christian Music website. Below are some of his reviews.

Steven Curtis Chapman, Speechless - By Paul M. Carhart

Phil Keaggy, Phil Keaggy - By Paul M. Carhart

Point Of Grace, Steady On . . . - By Paul M. Carhart

Broomtree, Broomtree - By Paul M. Carhart

Rebecca St. James, Pray - By Paul M. Carhart

DC Talk, Supernatural - By Paul M. Carhart

Scott Faircloff, Scott Faircloff - By Paul M. Carhart

Erin O'Donnell, Scratching The Surface - By Paul M. Carhart

Bleach, Static - By Paul M. Carhart

Sara Paulson, Word to the World - By Paul M. Carhart

Newsboys, Step Up To The Microphone - By Paul M. Carhart

Rick Altizer, Blue Plate Special - By Paul M. Carhart

Twila Paris, Perennial: Songs For The Seasons Of Life - By Paul M. Carhart

Chris Eaton, What Kind Of Love - By Paul M. Carhart

Mancy A'lan Kane, Paper Moon - By Paul M. Carhart

Michelle Tumes, Listen - By Paul M. Carhart

Everybodyduck, Still Know How To Groove - By Paul M. Carhart

Maire Brennen, Perfect Time - By Paul M. Carhart

Internet-related Articles

I realize now that there were not a lot of designers when I started doing Web creative.

Rather than keep what I learned to myself, I penned several articles to help others along the way. Although probably extremely out of date (most of them were written in 1997 for Toshiba, before web design software was widely available or popular), I've always made these articles available for designers on my various websites to make the most of the design limitations of the Web.

Web Design: The Next Generation - By Paul M. Carhart

Animation on the Web - By Paul M. Carhart

Internet Ad Banner Stages of Creation - By Paul M. Carhart

Tips for GIF Animation and File Size Reduction - By Paul M. Carhart



Upcoming Articles

The companion blog to Paul's upcoming Zooming Thru Life nonfiction book is now up and posting new content every week. Visit Zooming Thru Life: The Blog for more.

Also, the Carhart Blog is a daily updated online web log of various musings, rantings and blessings posted by Paul and sometimes Lori Carhart. Check it out!

And please look for the debut of a series of faith-based articles co-written by Paul & Lori Carhart in the near future. Lori calls them "sermons that are never preached but should be." Perhaps they'll come up with a shorter title for the series.


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