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Sara Paulson - Word To The World

Review by Paul M. Carhart
Originally published in The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine (TLeM)

One safe assumption that can be made about the music of Sara Paulson is that you probably won't hear it on your local alternative rock station. In fact, if there is any one word to use in describing her latest release, Word to the World, it is "churchy."

A traditional adult-contemporary album, Word benefits from the tried and true formulas that have been perfected by Twila Paris, Sandy Patti and even a young Amy Grant. Indeed, this album has a timeless quality that is very reminiscent of Grant's Straight Ahead or Unguarded projects.

Much of the material on Word is very encouraging and even downright worshipful. The music is your standard Nashville fare consisting of the usual guitar, bass, drums, and piano combinations... which is not necessarily a slight. In fact, because much of the music remains in the background, Paulson's voice is allowed to soar and the message is brought to the forefront. No guitar solos here, however Paulson's voice suits this worshipful style well and it is evident through her performances that she is in her element.

All in all, Sara Paulson's Word to the World is a pleasant listen, reminding us believers many things that we very well may have forgotten during our busy lives.

In fact, it is nice to know that during this time of growth in the Christian music "industry" when every other new artist seems to be trying to "cross over" and taking "the message" to "them," that there is still at least one new artist who has a heart for ministry within the church.


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For a year or so I was a CD reviewer for The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine (TLeM) where this review was originally published.

- Paul M. Carhart


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