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Now available from the publisher, and in digital formats!

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  "One of the Girls" by Paul M. Carhart


Works In Progress

Now Available: Special edition releases for all three Fairlight novels (Chance for the Future, Hope for Tomorrow and Faith in the Past) are now available in paperback and in Multiple digital formats. Direct links are available above from each book's respective logos.

A Stranger On Bay Street
First in the Worlds Collide series: Noel Gilchrist is running from her past smack dab into the middle of a war between humans, angels and demons. Good thing someone's looking out for her. Currently making final editorial pass.

Plunge Into Eden
First in the Planetfall Trilogy. Captain Greye and his crew crash-land on an alternate earth that is very different than their own where dinosaurs live side-by-side with overgrown natives and the concept of death is unkonwn. Currently making second editorial pass.

The Serpent King & The Wilderness Beyond
Currently plotting the second and third novels in the Planetfall trilogy.

Daddisms: Wisdom From Another Time
I'm also currently gathering together thoughts and annectdotes concerning my late father. This will be a heartfelt and humorous tribute to the man that I was amazed to discover had learned so much between the time I was a teenager (when he knew nothing, as far as I was concerned) and the time I had a family of my own (at which point, I came to realize he had been right all along).

The Crockett Chronicles
Yes! Someday this will see print: Humorous, real-life short stories about childhood friend, Shawn Crockett. Co-authored by Paul M. Carhart and Chris Weil, this testimony to friendship has been sitting awaiting our attenditon for nearly a decade. It still requires a final edit pass and author collaboration on the final compliation of the stories.



Latest News

Faith in the Past: Special Edition is available in multiple digital formats and the print edition is available from the publisher ( availability forthcoming)!

Hope for Tomorrow: Special Edition is now available in print directly from the publisher and from Also available in multiple digital formats.

Chance for the Future: Special Edition is now available in print directly from the publisher and from It's now also available in multiple digital formats.

Zooming Thru Life is now available in print and in multiple eBook formats.

One of the Girls is now available in multiple eBook formats including Amazon Kindle (.mobi), Stanza & iPad/iPhone (Epub), PDF, RTF, LRF (Sony Reader), Palm (PDB), Plain Text (download) and/or web page (plain text, HTML and JavaScript). The eBook version even costs less than the print book! Check it out!

The latest print edition of One of the Girls is now available from the publisher and from

Paul is currently editing Plunge Into Eden, the first in a new science fiction trilogy called Planetfall and A Stranger On Bay Street, the first in his new Worlds Collide series.

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