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  "One of the Girls" by Paul M. Carhart


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NEW Elvin’s Pet Peeve comic strips: Series IV

Novel: Worlds Collide 2: A Stranger at the Gallows
UPDATE: Two chapters to go to complete the rough draft!

Third World Sun CD 2: Eclipse
UPDATE: Final round of mixes have been completed. There are a few vocal pick-ups that we want to do to perfect them. After that, they'll start getting mastered, probably in late August. Expect a NEW TWS digital single sometime in the Fall, 2018. More to come!

Elvin’s Pet Peeve: The Classic Comic Strips vol. 1

Elvin’s Pet Peeve Merch: Pet Shirt, coming soon!

Children’s Book: The Nocturnal Adventures of Melody Midnight

Novel: Fairlight 4: Faith Restored

Elvin’s Pet Peeve: The Classic Comics vol. 1

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