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Current and Upcoming Projects:

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Started new Elvin’s Pet Peeve comic strips: Series IV (2018-2019)
The first new one is now available online, click the Peeve link above.

Novel: Worlds Collide 2: A Stranger at the Gallows
UPDATE: Second draft is complete, including editorial feedback. Now I go through it one more time for continuity and last-minute editorial changes. Expecting a late summer 2019 release.

Third World Sun album 2: Eclipse
UPDATE: The album has been mastered and is going through the publishing process for a digital release in April 2019. Hoping for a physical CD after that, but we decided to do a digital release as an experiment first.

Elvin’s Pet Peeve: The Classic Comic Strips vol. 1 - Scanning the original 1991 and 1992 strips continues.

Elvin’s Pet Peeve Merch: Pet Shirt, coming soon!
I designed one. Just gotta draw it, paint it and get it out the door. Hoping for a summer release.

Children’s Book: The Nocturnal Adventures of Melody Midnight
I've written the words and designed many of the characters. So now I need to break the text up into how it will flow from page to page and storyboard the pages. Then, I'll decide how I want to do the artwork. Inked and painted in the Peeve style? Or something more loose... still imagining it...

Novel: Fairlight 4: Faith Restored
The other night, I started writing chapter one. So I guess this is the next one I'm writing. It's been a long time since I've visited these characters. It'll be fun picking them up and seeing where they'll go after so much time.

Elvin’s Pet Peeve: The Classic Comics vol. 1
Back in the early 90s, I drew some Peeve comic book-style stories. The plan is to scan and color them and release them in what will likely be two volumes. This scanning won't start until the classic strips are done being scanned, however.

Elvin’s Pet Peeve poster & Long Beach T-Shit.
I'd like to get a lot of my books, art, music, etc. into the MADE by Millworks store down on Pine Ave. in Long Beach. It's for made-in-Long Beach-only stuff, for which I certainly qualify. It would be nice to have a local place I could drive people to so they could pick up books, music, art, merch, etc. as well as a place to stage book signings from. So I designed a Peeve Long Beach shirt/poster that might help pave the way in. More TBA.

Planetfall sequels: Lots of ideas, more than I ever imagined, for where to take Planetfall next. I had imagined Planetfall as done. But, like the best of my characters, they're never really done with me. Or vice versa. Lots of ideas. May be another trilogy. Or two. We'll see. Still working it all out.



Notable News

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The sequel, A Stranger at the Gallows: A Worlds Collide novel should be available late summer 2019.




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