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Elvin's Pet Peeve by Paul M. Carhart

The CLASSIC comic strips (dating back to 1991 and 1992) are presented here in their original black and white state. They may get colorized at some point down the line, but for now I wanted to keep them in their original state as they were intended to appear in newspapers around the country. The NEW 2018 revival comic strips, however, since they are intended for the internet and a wider-range of outlets from the outset, are getting colored from the outset. - PMC

Elvin's Pet Peeve Comic Strips:

Posted 06/18/18
Elvin's Pet Peeve #2018-001: "Peeve's Back (part 1)"

Posted 06/10/18
Classic Elvin's Pet Peeve #005: "Don't Wake A Dragon"

Posted 06/04/18
Classic Elvin's Pet Peeve #004: "Pleased To Meet You"

Posted 05/29/18
Classic Elvin's Pet Peeve #003: "Nobody Likes Me"

Posted 05/06/18
Classic Elvin's Pet Peeve #002: "Do Not Disturb"

Posted 04/29/18
Classic Elvin's Pet Peeve #001: "Survival of the Fittest"




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