CLASSIC Elvin's Pet Peeve by Paul M. Carhart

#004 "Pleased To Meet You" (02/23/91)

The fourth Peeve comic strip introduces the straightest of straight men, Durard the Dwarf. Elvin was already designed to be Peeve's straight man, but
Durard is the most extreme straight man conceivable. Durard is sleepy and, perhaps not so much dim-witted as he is just not really present in the
moment. With a few exceptions, most of Peeve's nuisance-type behavior is directed toward Durard from this point forward. Of course, everyone in the
cast (as well as some extremely side characters) are game for Peeve's antics. But Durard is such an easy target, Peeve can never really resist himself.
Ultimately, upon Peeve's return in the new 2018 comic strips, it is Durard who is least happy that Peeve has come back. - PMC

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