CLASSIC Elvin's Pet Peeve by Paul M. Carhart

#005 "Don't Wake A Dragon" (02/23/91)

It's interesting to note, as I look back on these original comic strips from 1991, that the first several of the were drawn on the same two or three days.
I must have been furiously churning these things out. What I remember more than drawing them is how quickly the ideas would come. I would literally
sketch things out on napikins, scraps of paper, etc. I kept a notepad with me and every little thing would spark a joke or a character moment. This
particular strip introduces Sootlips the dragon. He's sort of the classic foil for the knight, Sir Loin of Beefe. But he has his own foil as well, a fly (named
Fry Fly, who I will discuss more later) who has taken up residence in his cave with him. The two form a sort of odd couple that runs the course of these
comic strips. - PMC

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