Elvin's Pet Peeve by Paul M. Carhart

#2018-001 "Peeve's Back (part 1)" (01/28/18)

Roughly twenty-five years in-the making: Introducing the first NEW Elvin's Pet Peeve comic strip since 1992. A bit of background: After I stopped
trying to shop the 185-or-so EPP comic strips I had drawn to various newspapers and newspaper syndicates, I shelved the whole Peeve idea. Then
I met a guy named Joe White and we started developing animation properties that we hoped to pitch and sell to various animation studios and
networks in Hollywood. We developed a few ideas and we actually made some pretty good pitches (in my opinion). After the first couple properties,
I shared the idea of Peeve with Joe. He wasn't real keen on the fairy-tale world so we removed Peeve and transplanted him into a contemporary
setting. In-universe, this is where he has been. And now it's time for him to return to his original setting. I wanted to bring in as many of the old
regulars as I could in this revival so it had to be a two-parter to squeeze them all in. I think we'll find that his friends havemissed him. Stay
tuned for the second part!
. - PMC

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