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Illustration, Cartooning and Storyboarding

This is where I started... dreaming of working for Disney as a kid. I'm more a quick sketch artist than I am a polished illustrator but I've done both and the Disney influence is still part of my style.

The samples below are varied and range from the very rough to the polished. I hope you enjoy them.

- Paul M. Carhart


Illustration and Cartooning Samples

Peeve cartoons BJW (Before Joe White)

"The Corporate Sandbox"

"Janet's Pet Peeve"

Chicken Snakes

Sheriff Woodchuck

Luv Bug

Bottle Hammock

Mary, Joseph and the Manger

The First Christmas

We Three Kings

Swimwear Model


West-Tones August 04 Header - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

West-Tones April 05 Header - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

West-Tones June 05 Header - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Hick Gov - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Blind ATM - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Tub Mates - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Remake Runner - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Rabbits - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Safe E-mails - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

OtoBlast - Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Shaking Hands - Westone Laboratories, Inc.


Storyboarding Samples

"Janet's Pet Peeve," Case 1095 storyboard excerpt
- White/Carhart Productions

Digital Still Camera - Incredibly Popular!
- Toshiba America, Inc.

Digital Still Camera - It's Easy To Do!
- Toshiba America, Inc.

Toshiba DVD Multimedia - online banner ad campaign
- Toshiba Disc Products Division

UNISON Enrollment Presentation storyboard excerpt
- LFS Benefits

Humorous Evolution Possibilities - Taxonomy CD-ROM
- Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS)



Illustration, Cartooning and Storyboarding

No matter how prevalent the computer becomes in design, there's still nothing like breaking out a pencil and whipping out a good clean drawing of what you're hoping to accomplish. Even in web design, I usually do a quick navigational sketch before I start mapping out the site.

In my animation and new media work, I storyboard the frames as well. Sometimes the storyboards are little more than a few words telling me where to use what photograph, but the storyboard is an excellent way to make sure you're getting everything in that needs to be there. It's also a great way to judge pacing.


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