In 1991 I created Peeve and his compatriots. This cast of characters inhabited the medevial village of Squatney. I called this property "Elvin's Pet Peeve," taking it's name from Peeve's primary foil, straightman Elvin the Elf. I had decided that I was going to be a famous cartoonist. I wrote and drew 182 of these comic strips before I decided I'd better find a market for my cartoons before I put more work into the it.

Eventually, I decided to pursue a career in graphic design because it seemed to be a more marketable profession at the time. Peeve remained on a shelf for four years before Joe White and I would ressurect him to be the invisible foil in our popular Internet property, "Janet's Pet Peeve" for which we named our own website. The other members of the cast are in cryogenic freeze for now.

I did have two characters, a dragon and a fly, that I would like to revive one day. Who knows...

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