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What follows is, in reverse-chronological order, a few places Paul has visited over the years. Click the links to see pictures.

Estes Park, Colorado - USA
Over Memorial Day weekend, 2005, Paul and his late-wife, Lori, took their daughter, Melody, to Estes Park, Colorado where they visited the historical district, the Estes Park museum, Lake Estes and the Stanley Hotel.

Utah - USA
There's a Hard Rock Cafe in Salt Lake City, you know? In 2001, Paul took a short journey there to pick up the requisite guitar pin.

Cairo, Giza, Saqqara, Dahshur, Sharm El Shiek & The Sinai - Egypt
In October, 2000, Paul and Chris Weil embarked on a journey through the Middle East that was supposed to culminate in a visit to the Holy Land. They flew into Cairo and stayed there for several days. They visited the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara and the Red Pyramid at Dahshur and toured the Cairo Egyptian Museum before heading off into The Sinai. They stayed briefly in Sharm El Shiek and then moved on to St. Catherine's Monastery, which is located at the base of an imposing edifice that has traditionally been considered to be THE Mt. Sinai that Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from. From the Sinai, they took a ferry to Aqaba, Jordan.

Petra, Shawbak Castle & Kerak Castle - Jordan
The highlight of the Jordan leg of the trip was Petra. After leaving Petra, they took The King's Highway to the King Hussein Bridge and crossed over into Israel. Along the way, they stopped at two Crusader castles : Shawbak & Kerak.

Tel Aviv - Israel
Due to the violence and unrest in Jerusalem during the time of their trip (October, 2000), Chris and Paul (along with Aussie, Ben, whom they met in Jordan) opted to go straight to Tel Aviv, which is where they were slated to fly back home from. Of course, Chris and Paul weren't supposed to leave for almost another week so they decided to take an overnight ferry to Cyprus.

Limassol, Kolossi, Kourion, Pafos & Larnaka - Cyprus
The trip to Cyprus breathed new life into thier trip. There was so much to see including several Crusader castles, Aphrodite's birthplace, Sanctuary of Apollo, Tombs of the Kings, and the church of St. Lazarus (yep, the guy Jesus raised from the dead) and his final tomb. Quite a lot to take in.

Rome, Venice, Florence & Tuscany, Pisa & Assisi - Italy
In November, 1999 Paul set out on a whirlwind tour through Italy with nothing but a Lonely Planet book to guide the way. He flew into Rome, rented a car and drove to Venice, staying on the Lido. From there he went to Tuscany, where he stayed on a working vineyard and even sampled their wine. He took day trips from the vineyard to Florence, Pisa and Assisi. He spent the last two days in Rome.

Amsterdam - Holland
On his way home from Rome, Paul stopped and spent a good portion of the day in Amsterdam, touring the Anne Frank House and dining at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Garden of the Gods & Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD), Colorado - USA
Paul visited Colorado several times to hang out with childhood chum, Shawn Crockett before he moved to Colorado Springs. These pictures date from before Paul moved to Colorado.

London & Salisbury - England
In February of 1998, Paul traveled to England and Scotland with Chris Weil, who had once lived in London for about six months when he was backpacking across Europe. They utilized friends and contacts to lower costs on the trip.

Edinburgh & Inverness - Scotland
Paul and Chris took a train from London to Edinburgh where they spied many beautiful structures including a huge gothic monument to Robert Louis Stevenson. From there they went to Inverness which was absolutely beautiful. Their hostel room looked right out onto the River Ness. They also went to Loch Ness and visited Urquhart Castle.

J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California - USA
Although it isn't very far from where he used to live in California, Paul was very impressed by the trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum that he took with his sister, brother and his wife.

Paris & Disneyland Paris - France
In November of 1995, Paul took his first international trip (not counting a trip to Tijuana, Mexico in his youth). The rationale was that he would visit Disneyland Paris. Once he got a taste of travel, however, he was hooked.



Travelling has broadened my horizons and vision so much more than I ever thought it would.

It has jump-started my creativity as well.

Before I went to France, I had no aspirations to travel at all. Now I look forward to my next trip.

- Paul M. Carhart




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