Venice, Italy

Above, left: In November, Venice often floods and St. Mark's Square bears witness to the results.
Above, right: Paul hanging out near one of the canals. Bottom, left: Gondolas moored along the Grand Canal.
Bottom, right: The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute from across the Grand Canal.


Tuscany, Italy

Above: In Tuscany, Paul stayed on a working vineyard. It heavily influenced his second novel,
Hope for Tomorrow, which is now available.


Florence, Italy

Left: The Cathedral in Florence, the fourth largest in the world. Right: Michaelangelo's David.


Pisa and Assisi, Italy

Top left: Pisa's Cathedral. Right: Yep, you guessed it: The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Notice the cables holding it up.
Bottom Left: A street in Assisi. Paul arrived too late to get into St. Francis' Basilica, so this picture is all that remains of his efforts.


Rome, Italy

Top left: Swiss Guards outside The Vatican. Right: The Vatican, more specifically, St. Peter's Basilica.
Bottom left: Roman guards through one of the Colosseum's archways. Notice the Arch of Constantine in the background.
Bottom right: The Colosseum. No more need be said.

Paul hanging out in the Colosseum.

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