Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol Castle is where King Richard the Lionheart got married. Now the Crusader structure serves as a Medieval museum. Top, left: Paul's friend Chris stands at the entrance to the castle. Check out the battlements on either side of him! Top, left: From the top of the castle, Paul and Chris could spy the little restaurant where they had dined on Cypriot Meze the night before. Below: Exterior of Limassol Castle, which now has paved roads surrounding it.


Kolossi, Cyprus

Another Crusader castle, Kolossi Castle remains quite intact and is surrounded by a very well-kept garden.


Kourion and The Sanctuary of Apollo, Cyprus

Left: Paul in front of the temple at the Sanctuary of Apollo. Top: The monuments of Kourion, the awe-inspiring Mediterranean Sea glistening in the background. Upper right: Ever wonder what a gladiator really looked like? Dating from the end of the 3rd century A.D., this remaining piece of mosaic floor speaks volumes. Below: Chris stands before the Mediterranean on the steps of the Roman theatre near the House of Eustolios.


Pafos and Aphrodite's Birthplace, Cyprus

Top, left: Chris in one of the Tombs of the Kings at Pafos. Bottom, left: Paul and the sign so he can know where he is.
Right: Behind Chris is the mythical Aphrodite's Birthplace, a sight worth seeing.


Larnaka, Cyprus

The legend goes like this: When Paul and Barnabas traveled to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they came to Cyprus and discovered that a group of believers were already there. The group's leader was Lazarus, the very same man that Jesus had once raised from the dead in Israel, who had fled the persecution of the Jewish leaders. Paul and Barnabas appointed Lazarus a bishop before departing and Lazarus lived the rest of his days teaching on Cyprus. The Byzantine Church of St. Lazarus is by far the highlight of Larnaka (the highlight is not the FAKE Hard Rock Cafe that resides there). Top, left: The interior of the cathedral. Top, right: Paul outside the church. Bottom, left: Underneath the altar is the entrance to the tomb of St. Lazarus (yes, he stayed put in this one). Bottom, right: paul in Lazarus' tomb. It's mind-boggling when you think about it.

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