Saqqara and Dahshur, Egypt

Top, left: Way up there is Paul, going down the steep incline that leads into the bowels of the Red Pyramid. Top, right: The Red Pyramid at Dahshur. Bottom, left: That little green speck is Paul at the base of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Bottom, right: Also at Dahshur, The Bent Pyramid is so named for it's oddly slanting sides.


Giza, Egypt

Top, left: On the first night in Egypt Paul and Chris went to an Indian restaurant. Imagine their surprise when they discovered what loomed over their meal. Top, right: The famous Giza Pyramids. They're further away than you might think. Bottom, left: Paul, the Sphinx and two of the pyramids at Giza. Bottom, right: Paul at the middle Giza pyramid. The stones at the base are almost as tall as he is!


Cairo, Egypt

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo housed many unique treasures including a copy of The Rosetta Stone, the mummified remains of many pharoahs (including Seti I and Ramses II) and the contents of King Tutankhamun's tomb. Above: Chris stands by King Tut's funerary mask while Paul poses next to a gilded wooden statue of "The Boy King."


Sharm El Shiek, Egypt

Top: Chris stands along the Sharm El Shiek strip as sundown nears. Notice the jagged Sinai in the background.
Left: Sharm El Shiek is an amazingly hip outpost squeezed between the Sinai and the Red Sea.
Right: Add another Hard Rock Cafe guitar pin to Paul's collection (yes, that's Paul). Man, is that a big guitar!


The Sinai, Egypt

The Monastery of St. Catherine sits at the base of what is commonly believed to be the Mt. Sinai from the Bible (another controversial site also makes that claim in Saudi Arabia). Left: Notice the red car parked next to the camels. That's Paul standing next to it. Right: Behind the tower you can see part of the fabled mountain that Moses may have brought the Ten Commandments down from.

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