Hollywood Supper Club Showroom - Carol Wior, Inc.
All the glamour and splendor of the 1920's Supper Clubs were captured in this showroom for Carol Wior, Inc. Attention to period props, plenty of plants, lighting, attire, music and signage successfully pulled it off. Check out the colorized mural of the big band on the stage. Because the swimwear would be modelled in front of the mural, I kept the color scheme subdued when I colorized the photo (like a colorized movie) so the colors would not conflict with the swimwear. Also, because I knew the spotlights would be on the stage, I had the mural treated with a matte finish to diminish glare. This mural helped add depth to the otherwise one-dimensional stage that was required due to the space constraints of the existing room. Using curtains to frame the mural topped off the illusion.

Compare these photos to the Hollywood Supper Club Showroom conceptual artwork.

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