Hollywood Supper Club Showroom Concept Art - Carol Wior, Inc.

My second Carol Wior showroom was themed as a Hollywood Supper Club and we played it to the hilt. These mostly pencil concept sketches were closely followed, right down to the 1920's props and dim lighting to end up with the desired effect. This time, the models would "take the stage" as an actual show ran on a regular schedule for the customers. For private sales conversations, several booths were set up on a tiered back row, to optimize audience viewing. To give the illusion of an enclosed room, cityscapes were framed like windows and hung on the wall over the curtains that surrounded the room, closing the showroom off from the rest of the trade show and generating mystery about what was inside the room among those passing by.

Compare these concept sketches to the photos of the completed Hollywood Supper Club Showroom.

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