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Paul's Musical Journey

Prior to his marriage, Paul played bass in several bands including the praise band at Open Arms Community Church in Lakewood, California where he eventually became the worship leader under Pastor Glenn Bracht.

He also played bass and sang background vocals for Chuck Milner's band, Raw Confession. The band played juvenile halls, rescue missions and an ocassional coffee shop.

Paul is also a singer in his own right and recorded an independent CD of mostly covers (there was one original song of his own in the collection) in 1998. The project was produced by his little brother, BC.

When Paul first got married, he played bass and sang and his late wife Lori played piano or keyboards and sang. The couple used their talents to serve God playing in praise bands, leading worship and, ultimately, starting a band called Launch Pad.

Prior to their marriage, Lori also worshiped through solos and in her church choir. At the same time Paul was with Raw Confession, she was leading worship in California jails with Dorothy Kirby.

Once married, the Carharts joined Dan and Linda Lahman with the Grace Be Unto You Outreach Church (under Pastor Bill Chancey) praise band where, most Sunday mornings, Paul played bass and Lori sang. Roughly once a month, Paul and Lori also led worship without the Lahmans at Grace Be Unto You and on the fourth Monday of each month, they led worship at the Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In October, 2005, the Carharts moved to Long Beach, California. Once settled, they sporadically continiued their rescue mission ministry in Long Beach.

In 2008, they stepped into the role of worship leaders for The Connection (under Pastor Art Gray), a Foursquare denomination church at the corner of Junipero and 11th in Long Beach, California that was rebuilding it's English-speaking congregation at the time. In June, 2008, Paul and Lori requested a break from their music ministry duties at The Connection to focus on other projects.

One of their projects was the preparation for a new worship ministry they called Launch Pad. Launch Pad played mostly original music that Paul and Lori wrote and the ministry ultimately took the form of worship-centric home-based house concerts. Paul and Lori felt called to this ministry for several years and were excited to see September 20, 2008 mark the first true gathering of Launch Pad in a small store front in Long Beach. Eventually, the ministry evolved more into a worship-centric rock band that played thorughout southern California before taking its final form as a monthly house concert in the Carhart's home.

On February 18, 2014, Lori passed away of a stroke and Launch Pad was no more.

Along with former Launch Pad guitarist, Scotty Zero, Paul started Third World Sun barely two months after Lori's passing. The duo quickly added Mike Driml (Biff Wellington) to the lline-up as their drummer. With in two months, they were back out and playing. The trio decided to re-tool many Launch Pad songs for two reasons: 1) they could get back up and running pretty quickly since they were all familiar with the material and 2) playing songs that Lori wrote or co-wrote was a great way to keep Lori's music alive now that she was gone.

The new band was named Third World Sun. They quickly recorded an independently-produced CD of mostly former Launch Pad material along with a couple new songs (Hostage, Lori's Gone). The band has been going strong in the Southern California music scene for over four years and is currently recording new material. They hope to release digital singles throughout 2018 and then combine the newly released material onto a CD to be made available by the end of 2018 or in early 2019.



Third World Sun

Most of Paul's musical efforts are invested at this time in his band, Third World Sun.

Visit the band's online hub here at Harsh Reality.

Also, visit the band's facebook page where you can hear their music and become a fan!


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