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Paul & Lori's Favorite Internet Links

Okay. So Paul & Lori don't surf the same Internet destinations. That's okay. That's why they've broken it down so there is no question who surfs where (and so Paul's friends don't think he shops at Nordstrom).

Paul's Favorite Internet Links

Paul's favorite unofficial Disney website. Updated almost daily.

Mouse Planet
One of the better unofficial Disney websites. Updated daily.

Jim Hill Media
Mostly Disney-related articles by Jim Hill and others. Updated daily.

Trek Today
Star Trek news. Updated daily, even though there isn't really a show to talk about.
One of the more official places to get behind-the-scenes genre news, mostly for film and TV.

A semi-official place to get behind-the-scenes genre news for all mediums

Aint It Cool News
The geek site for getting behind-the-scenes genre news for film, TV, comics, books, etc.
Probably the best unofficial Star Wars site.
Superman website.

Paul's brother's (Brian) band's site.

Lori's Favorite Internet Links

Lori's favorite place to shop.

Old Navy
Style without high price. Lots of Melody's clothes come from here.

Kraft Foods
Lori's always looking for new dishes to cook up and the Kraft site is full of recipes.



Links Disclaimer

The links represented on this page are merely places that Paul & Lori like to visit online. Paul & Lori are not responsible for the content of the sites beyond and said content may change without notice at any given time.

The intent of this collection of links is to share some of, in Paul & Lori's opinion, the best the Internet has to offer.

If you come across a broken or offensive link, please send us a brief e-mail and we will investigate the matter and, if warranted, remove the link.

Thanks for your understanding.

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