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Summer, 2004

You may have asked yourself "Whatever happened to that guy who writes stories about creatives overthrowing the machinations of the evil government?"

Or you may have asked yourself "Whatever became of Chance, Mancy, Faith, Tannk, Remy and Hope?"

Well, rest assured, we're all safe and sound, if not sane. A lot has happened this year, including the fact that Lori and I had our first child, Melody Hannah Carhart.

But that's not all that's going on. So read on and be enlightened.


iU Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community

There are three new articles out at the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community. Bias aside, Lori likes all three articles so I think you will too. "Sci-Fi Goes Mainstream 2" is the sequel to an article I wrote (that's still out there) almost two years ago about the state of science fiction television. The new article brings things up to date. Hope you enjoy them all.

Create Something

Sci-Fi Goes Mainstream 2: I Don't Think So

The Creative Underground

I've got another article in progress, but it'll have to wait for another time.



Currently, I don't have any events scheduled except those that fall into the realm of The Creative Underground. For more information on that, read on.


The Creative Underground

Make sure you tune into my newest endeavor, The Creative Underground: A UCCS web radio show. I'm the host and I bring it to you every Wednesday night from 8:00-9:30 pm MST.

So w hat's it about? Explore and celebrate the creative spirit and the power of the imagination with science fiction author, musician and award-winning art director Paul M. Carhart every Wednesday from 8:00 to 9:30 pm. The Creative Underground features lively interviews with actors, animators, artists, authors, bands, creative thinkers, designers, musicians, photographers, poets and writers from The Springs area and beyond.

Topics will include discussions of past, current and upcoming projects as well as the the creative process and inspirations. Shows that feature bands or musicians will be heavilly laced with the artist's music.

Interact during the show:
AIM: PMCarhart


Online Stores

Items with the book cover images on them have now been discontinued, leaving only the stylish logo items. There is a reason for this shift, but if I tell you what's going on, I'll have to kill you. That would be against my religion. New items have been added though and there should be some more added this summer.

CFTF Online Store:
HFT Online Store:
FITP Online Store:


The Fairlight Novels:
Chance for the Future,
Hope for Tomorrow & Faith in the Past

All three of my Fairlight novels are still available in their original trade paperback formats. You can get them almost anywhere. Faith in the Past, the third in the series, is also available in hardcover. Get your copies today. They may not always be available.


Upcoming Projects

So what am I working on now?

Zooming Through Life:
Creative Tips for Bringing Sanity To Your On-The-Go Lifestyle

Previously titled Travel Tips For Every Day, my little travel advice book with a twist is now the foremost project on my plate. If all goes well, I'll have important news on this book and how you can get it next time around.

One of the Girls
My first YA offering is currently in the hands of a capable agent. I'm praying for acceptance. Your prayers couldn't hurt either. Thanks in advance.

Chance for the Future: Special Edition
Hope for Tomorrow: Special Edition
Faith in the Past: Special Edition

I'm almost finished with a revised edition of CFTF. It is my intention to publish CFTF in mass-market format, followed by HFT and FITP (with minor alterations to each). The plan is that each mass-market edition will also include a short story that has previously not seen print. CFTF would include "Taking Chances." HFT would include "Riot Act." FITP would include "Saint Nik."

Angel Guardian: Noel's Defense
This is the first book in my new series that deals with spiritual warfare between humans, angels and demons. I haven't made a lot of headway (I'm on chapter three) but it is also the only piece of fiction I am currently working on so is therefore rewarding in that aspect.

Untitled Nonfiction Book
The experiences that Lori and I encountered in having our baby lead me to some interesting understandings of the medical profession. I'm sure not everyone will agree with my beliefs or findings, but what I have discovered has changed the way my family and I deal with doctors and medicine. More later.

Faith Restored
This series has a soft spot in my heart. How do Chance, Mancy, Faith and Tannk ultimately conquer the Government? I've plotted this entire story (and even started writing it). If the mass-market editions of the original trilogy come to pass, this story will probably soon follow.


God bless and thanks for your readership and support!

Paul M. Carhart
Author, The Fairlight Novels

Host, The Creative Underground: a web radio show, Wednesdays, 8:00-9:30 pm MST

Leader of the iU Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community. Stop on by!