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Summer, 2003

First of all, unless there is some groundbreaking news that I can't wait to report, this newsletter is going to go quarterly. Between writing, editing, shopping my work around, running the Sci-Fi Community at iUniverse and giving any time at all to my bride to be, I just don't have time to put something up here every month. That said, rather than minor updates, the news each quarter should be just a little bit more than a mere update.

Of course, if you haven't yet picked up your copy of "Faith in the Past," the third Fairlight novel, I encourage you to do so by clicking here. There's also a link for the hardcover edition from that page. I've been told it's the best one yet, so you don't want to miss out.

As noted, there's lots of new stuff to report this summer, so read on...


iU Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community |

Last time, I posted a series of upcoming articles. Well, the first of them is finally done! In the weeks to come, I will add some of the others. However, since the POD article will first see print in the Pikes Peak Writers NewsMag in September, I'm going to hold off until that releases before I re-publish it online. If you're not a member of Pikes Peak Writers, I highly recommend it. Not only do they put together great bi-monthly workshops, they also put on the acclaimed Pikes Peak Writers Conference and give conference discounts to PPW members.

Now on to the new article:

Looking Forward

If you haven't yet been to the new community, I encourage you to check it out.



The 2003 Pikes Peak Writers Conference was, by all accounts, a major success. What was my role? Well, I was in charge of making sure everyone who possibly could got to read in front of his or her requested agent or editor during the Friday Afternoon Read & Critique, a duty I will reprise for the 2004 conference.

As a member of the conference steering committee, I also moderated and/or monitored seven workshops or panels for the likes of Deb Stover and Linda Seger as well as various agents and editors. I also hung out in the conference bookstore with Dawn Smit, Joan Johnston and a personal favorite of mine, Kevin J. Anderson. I also sat with Mr. Anderson at the final meal of the conference where we joked and discussed all sorts of things.

On the Saturday of the conference, I pitched One of the Girls to an enthusiastic agent from the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. Unfortunately, the agent I pitched to doesn't handle Young Adult projects. She told me to send the first fifty pages with my query to their YA agent, which I did shortly after the conference. Unfortunately, the Dikjstra agency decided to pass on the project. More on One of the Girls below.

One of the hot topics this year was that of POD (Print On Demand publishing, for those of you unfamiliar with the term). Thanks to an article I wrote (that will be reprinted at the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community in October) and a little networking, I was asked to join the conference faculty this year and sit on an alternative publishing panel which took place on the last day of the conference (Sunday, April 27). The panel was a success and I think it's safe to say that many people's perceptions of POD may have been altered for the better as a result.

I also had a book signing at the conference book store. All three of my Fairlight novels were offered and I think I did pretty well. Kevin J. Anderson even stopped by to say goodbye.

All in all, it was a great experience and I met some fascinating people. I can't wait to do it again. And next year, since I'm getting married this August, I'll even have a date to the banquet!

The "wrap up" article I wrote after my first visit to the conference can be found in the Article Library at the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community.


Online Stores

I know the year is halfway over. Still, the coolest thing at the stores right now is the Fairlight Calendar. Each month gets a different character and I've done brand new art for many characters previously not seen on any book cover (such as Kraatos and Marc Fairlight). In my opinion, this calendar is still worth the money for the rest of the year. Pick one up today!

Don't forget to visit the rest of the online stores:

CFTF Online Store:
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The Fairlight Novels: Chance for the Future & Hope for Tomorrow

What Caused Nik Tavarone Join The Resistance?
Nik Tavarone seems to show up everywhere these days. The latest appearance? Prisoners of Time: Collection of Speculative Ficition is now available wherever you buy your books (although you may have to special order it from brick and morter booksellers). This book features some of the hottest new and undiscovered sci-fi talent around -- including me! Nik's appearance is in Riot Act, the story of his escape from a cleansing camp prior to joining the resistance. This book is certainly a must-have for Fairlight collectors but is even more valuable for the great stories that are inside. Available in paperback and hard cover.

Don't forget to check out other Fairlight-related tales, Taking Chances and Saint Nik (the newest Fairlight short tale), in the Short Stories section of


Fairlight #3: Faith in the Past

Get your copy today!
The trade paperback edition of the third Fairlight novel, Faith in the Past, is now available at just about every bookselling website you can think of and can be ordered from pretty much any brick and morter store you can think of. And the cover price is one dollar less than the previous two books! Only $19.95! Get yours today!

Special Hardcover Collectors Edition of Faith in the Past
The special hardcover Collectors Edition of Faith in the Past is also now available exclusively through the publisher. Get yours today!


Upcoming Projects

And now the usual updating of projects. You may notice that I've once again rearranged the order. What can I say? Sometimes projects are ready to work on. Other times, they're not.

One of the Girls
The second draft of my first Young Adult novel in what I hope to be an ongoing series is now finished. I rushed it to completion right before the Pike's Peak Writers Conference so I could pitch it to an agent (see above). My test readers and editors are going through it now but early feedback is extremely good and the copy seems to be surprisingly clean. Check out a quote from one of my test readers/editors:

"I really enjoyed reading this!! It was fast-paced and never lagged. It also had some cute twists. Thanks for giving me a peek." - Rhonda Greer

I expect all of the corrections and feedback to come back before the July 4th weekend and to have made the changes, including perhaps adding a couple short bridge scenes, before I get married in August. After that, Lori has promised to help me shop it around to agents and/or editors. I still have high hopes for this book and its subsequent series to see traditional publication.

Travel Tips for Every Day
The fleshing out has begun. It shouldn't take too long to finally get this little travel advice book with a twist into shape. Now that Faith Restored has been plotted, I hope to get a first draft done before plunging head first into the next Fairlight novel.

Faith Restored
So here we are again, back in the Fairlight universe. I know I originally said I was going to work on projects that might interest potential agents and/or editors before coming back here but I couldn't resist. After finishing One of the Girls, I found that I missed the characters from this series and this story was tugging at me. As a storyteller, I decided that I needed to write what's screaming to get out. So, I used the first few days of June to plot Faith Restored, which continues the tumultuous relationship between Faith and Tannk, this time largely from Tannk's point of view. It takes place immediately following Chance for the Future and Faith in the Past (both of which basically end at the same chronological point) and details the battles between the resistance and the Government that ultimately leads to the state of things in Hope for Tomorrow. There, I think I phrased that so those who've been reading the books will know what I'm talking about without ruining it for those who haven't yet read it...

The book starts with a prologue in first person, which is basically a journal entry by Tannk. This prologue is designed to accomplish two tasks at once. First, it is meant to bring readers up to speed if they haven't read the previous books. Secondly, it sheds additional light on the Fairlight universe that I have never had a chance to expose before, giving dedicated readers a little something new to chew on. Early feedback is that the prologue succeeds on both counts. Perhaps I'll post it next time around.

More as I write it.

New Untitled Series: Book One
I've got another idea I want to explore but it's just not all the way there yet, which is why I chose to go back to the Fairlight universe before getting to this one. I can't say any more at this point.

The Crockett Chronicles
Chris and I have drawn a line in the sand. We're not going to let any new Crockett exploits derail us from writing the stories we've already mapped out. Anything new will have to go into a sequel or second edition of this book. Still, there are quite a few mapped that need to be written and I'm not sure when either of us will get to it.

Life is But a Dream
This book's status is always changing. However, now that I'm getting married, I feel that I might have additional or different things to say when I finally do write it. Therefore, I've decided to put this one off for awhile and see if it takes shape differently than what I originally envisioned. When the time comes, I'll probably put it into a proposal rather than write the whole thing so I can shop it around.


God bless and thanks again for your support and readership!

Paul M. Carhart
Author, The Fairlight Novels