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October 7 , 2002

The temperature has started to drop. We've been getting some much-needed rain here in Colorado. And Faith in the Past is finally with the publisher. I apologize for not putting out a September edition of the Chance Encounters Update but I was, to say the least, busy.

In addition to finishing the editorial tweaks needed to complete the third Fairlight novel and facing some changes in my duties to my online community (see below), I've also had a few side projects to work on. I've been helping fellow author, Jonathan Martin, in an editorial capacity on some of his work. I've been working with upcoming author Chuck Moses on a series of fourteen cartoon illustrations for a book he is writing. And I've recently designed the cover for Aaron Buche's latest book, 73 More Things That Make Me Say Bad Words.

Read on to discover the fate of the Chance Encounters online author community as well as the possibility of getting your hands on a hardcover Collector's Edition of Faith in the Past.


Chance Encounters | iU Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community |

Let me just say that there are no new articles at Chance Encounters. Indeed, the last article to be posted at the Chance Encounters online author community has likely already been up for many weeks.

Allow me to elaborate. This newsletter update originally started as a means to keep my readers and supporters up to date regarding new articles in the community known as Chance Encounters as well as my own various writing endeavors. However, as in all things -- especially things technology-related -- change is inevitable. The host of Chance Encounters, who also happens to be my publisher, has opted to change the community technology. The new system will be much more robust, offering discussion threads on every story. The down side of this is that their current community system is not compatible with the old technology. So, although an official announcement has yet to be made to the iU community leaders, it appears that, as of October 31, Chance Encounters the online author community will retire. If you've missed recent articles, you might want to pop by and catch up before they disappear. (update: this community has now been shut down).

However, that doesn't mean that I'm done posting articles, stories and observations on a regular basis. Viewed from the right POV, this is actually a good thing. I'm keeping the name Chance Encounters for this newsletter and for the online stores. The same hosts who are shutting the doors on the Chance Encounters community (and many other iU author communities) have asked me to be the community leader for their brand new Sci-Fi & Fantasy Community. I was honored and I accepted. To me, I'm merely switching names. Readers can still stop by and post their own articles and stories, but with the added ability to start and respond to discussion threads for every story and article posted. And I will continue the tradition of (at least) monthly articles at SF&F. I'll also benefit from the reader/writer/fan interaction and the increased exposure of leading an officially promoted community. I encourage you to stop by the new SF&F community and join so we can continue our community uninterrupted. There's not a lot there right now -- just the bare bones of initial set-up -- but you can expect content to be added over the next couple weeks... or heck, add your own content today and beat me to the punch! (update: this community has now been shut down).

Many of the articles that have been posted at Chance Encounters over the past two years will likely be re-posted at SF&F. Those that maybe don't fit the theme so well, will likely be posted at, most likely after the site's redesign (see below).

Next Issue: Don't worry. I haven't forgotten. With all of the changes going on, I thought it was best to make sure I would have a place to post the article before writing it. It's still on my plate though, whether it winds up at SF&F or So keep your eyes peeled for the second installment of my cover design series, Crafting the Cover: Hope For Tomorrow.



It's been nearly a year since my last event. After all of the hard promotional work done for CFTF, I was just plain tuckered out. That posed a different problem. I never really promoted HFT and that book's readership has likely suffered because of it. I never meant to treat it as the stepchild book but there you have it. If you haven't read HFT, I urge you to do so. It's actually a great story and close to my heart. I wish I wouldn've be able to get it into more readers' hands.

That said, now that the release of FITP is closing in (likely mid to late November), it's time to get on the promotional bandwagon. Rather than promote only the third book, however, I intend to promote the trilogy (as it is now, at least). So time has not run out of HFT. Wherever I do a signing, I'll likely have copies of all three books. So keep your eyes peeled. I'm looking into event possibilites already and hope to have some lined up for the end of the year or early in 2003.

I'm also looking into the possibility of having Jonathan Martin (Threkjshanelle 1 & 2) and maybe even Aaron Buche (73 Things That Make Me Say Bad Words and 73 More Things...) join me on a few occasions.

More info as it becomes available.


Online Stores

New products on the way:
3" x 5" vinyl stickers -- rectangular and oval versions for all three books -- should be available later this month. These stickers are perfect for any ocassion. They're printed using water and UV resistant inks, which means no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. I'm also looking into the possiblity of retro lunch boxes (just because I think it would be so cool to have a CFTF lunch box). At this stage, if I do a product for one book, I'll probably do it for all of them. No since in leaving out someone's favorite story.

For winter, I hope to add ski caps for all three books. There are also some other fun possibilites that I'm looking into, including a possible twelve month Fairlight Character 2003 Calendar. More info later.

And don't forget the fleece pull-over jackets and fleece vests that were added for each store last month!

CFTF Online Store:
HFT Online Store:
FITP Online Store:

FREE Super Saver Shipping!

Oh, I almost forgot! Take advantage of the special shipping promotion this October. Until October 31, 2002, all orders over $40 will receive FREE Super Saver Shipping!

Don't forget to stop by the new Faith in the Past store!
To coincide with the upcoming release of Faith in the Past (see below), there's now a new FITP online store, which features artwork and logos from the upcoming third book in the series. This is the first place you'll be able to see how it all fits in with the other two books and the only place you can get the coolest wall clock ever to be created by man (in my humble opinion). I've got one in my office! Don't you want one too?

There are now online stores for each Fairlight book. Some products from the three stores overlap (caps, shirts, etc.), but others do not so make sure you check out all of the stores before making all of your buying decisions. Each store also includes links to the other stores in the introductory paragraph and the shopping carts are shared. So buy what you want from the different stores as you go and check out only once.

What's that? You want to visit the FITP Online Store? Then click here!

Click to order now!


Chance for the Future & Hope for Tomorrow

Nik Tavarone Lives -- or so the rumor goes...
Riot Act, a short story featuring Nik Tavarone, will be featured in an upcoming anthology of sci-fi and fantasy short fiction. The title and cover art are now being finalized. Although each contributing author has done his or her best to make sure the stories have been edited for content, the current status of the project is that it is going through one more editor in its compiled state before going to the publisher.

Riot Act tells the story of Nik's internment in a cleansing camp and the events that ultimately lead him to join up with Chance and the resistance. Unlike Taking Chances, which was made into a booklet and distributed at my author events and signings, Riot Act has not yet been made available to my readers. It'll be exclusive to this collection, so you'll want to get yourself a copy of this anthology when it releases. You'll also be able to check out a lot of other great modern speculative fiction voices at the same time. I'm excited about this opportunity to be included with many of my peers in this collection.


Faith in the Past

I Take That Back...
I mentioned last time that a special sneak peak at Fairlight #4, currently titled Faith Restored, would be included in the published version of Faith in the Past. Well, I hate to make myself into a liar, but I've decided, in the interest of keeping down the page count (and hopefully the cover price), to scrap that plan. However, there's another surprise in store...

Special Hardcover Collectors Edition of Faith in the Past
The wide release of Faith in the Past will be available in trade paperback format, as are the other two Fairlight novels. However, a special hardcover Collectors Edition will also be available exclusively through the publisher. I'll likely have a few copies to sign as well. The cover price of the hardcover Collectors Edition wll be $10 more than that of the trade paperback. Of course, the publisher hasn't given me pricing information for either version of the book yet. To better facilitate signing books and getting them out, I'm also looking into setting up my own online book store at This way, I can sign books from my own stock and get them out to my readers in one fell swoop. In the past, the only way I've been able to do this (other than through book signings) is to have readers buy their book somewhere, pay to ship it to me so I can sign it and then pay to have it shipped back to them. What a hassle! So I'm looking into some alternatives, especially with the hardcover version of FITP on the way. Whatever happens, you'll hear about it here first.

The manuscript, front and back matter and cover art was delivered to my publisher in September. I'm told the book is in production now. I expect galleys before the end of this month. The trade paperback version of the book will probably be available from the publisher in mid to late November. A few weeks after that, it'll probably show up at online retailers such as and The hardcover Collectors Edition, I'm told, may take a little longer to be available, but it will only be able to be purchased through the publisher (and me), so it may even out with the trade paperback version at the online retailers. Whatever the case, both versions of the book should be available before Christmas. I hope you like it.

ISBNs for each version of the book are as follows:

Faith in the Past Hardcover Collectors Edition ISBN: 0-595-65140-2
Faith in the Past
Wide Release Trade Paperback Edition ISBN: 0-595-25385-7

Since I've got a lot more books available than I used to and since I am working on even more projects, the new website design will be expandable to allow for additions as needed. Not only will it feature a section for the Fairlight series of novels, but it will also touch upon some works in progress as well.

The website should be up and running by the middle of October. Most of the work is done. It's simply a matter of putting together the marketing information for the new book. Around the same time that the new website debuts, I'll have new flyers for the trilogy as well. If you'd like a stack to give out to your friends, shoot me an e-mail.


Upcoming Projects

The new website design is designed to feature much of this information on the homepage. Therefore, the next edition of CEU will likely be much shorter. For now, round and round the priorities go, where they stop, nobody knows!

One of the Girls
contemporary, non-Fairlight series adventure story of twin teenage girls, one of whom discovers that she has extraordinary abilities, has finally been plotted! Woo hoo! Not only that, but I've finished chapter one and am looking forward to gaining some momentum. This one is going to be fun!

Travel Tips for Every Day
Seems that I'll always put off my nonfiction for a good tale. In the past couple months, I've made significant progress on this list book of useful tidbits that I discovered while traveling that can also be applied to every day life.
Still, I love to tell a good story and somehow, I got sidetracked away from this book. I'll get back to it, probably early next year.

The Crockett Chronicles
This is the never-ending series of "enhanced" short stories about a friend Chris (co-author, Chris Weil) and I share... A guy I've known since kindergarten named Shawn Crockett. Oh the humor. Oh the exposition. Oh the inside jokes. The sad reality of this project is that Shawn continues to provide ammo for the stories. Chris and I have drawn a line in the sand though. It's time to share the exploits of our friend with the world. Despite the sometimes ruthless nature of our ribbing one another, I expect this book to be a testament to friendship, despite the differences of those involved.

Life is But a Dream
I hate to leave this nonfiction piece about discovering and following one's dreams this far down on the list, especially since I've got some potential agent interest. I'd like to sit down and write the whole thing, but I'll probably put the thing into a proposal. Expect this one to be shopped around, folks (which could mean quite a while before anyone sees it on a shelf). I hope to get an agent and a hefty advance out of it.

Faith Restored
Unfortunately, the aforementioned teaser for Fairlight #4 will no longer be included in the published version of FITP. One of the reasons for this is, although I've actually written the opening sequence for chapter one, it's just too far away from my writing the whole story for me to commit to the teaser. Indeed, the opening for FITP is different now than it was during most of the story's existance. I probably won't even get around to plotting or writing Faith Restored until next summer. So, rather than put something together that would be possibly inferior to the book it would be attached to and might not even be part of the final version of FR, I opted to cut the teaser. Another reason I opted to cut the teaser was to keep Faith in the Past's page count, and hopefully the cover price, down. However, the story for FR is tied very tightly to FITP so I don't expect it to languish very long.


Thanks again for your support and readership. God bless!

Paul M. Carhart
Author, Chance for the Future, Hope for Tomorrow and Faith in the Past (coming soon)