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August 25, 2002

As summer comes to a close and schools around the country start up again, the third novel in the Fairlight series nears editorial completion. Read on for more information about Faith in the Past, my other upcoming projects and the latest regarding the online stores (yes you heard correctly -- I used the plurel).


Chance Encounters

Since I've been dealing with them for the past couple months (and for the remainder of this one and likely into September), this month at Chance Encounters I thought I would pull back the curtain and let you all in on how I work with editors and test readers and the distinctions I make between them.

I hope you enjoy Editors and Test Readers: A Distinction Made

Next Issue: The second installment of my cover design series, Crafting the Cover: Hope For Tomorrow.



Since I'm currently making the editorial changes to the FITP manuscript and writing Travel Tips for Every Day, I don't have a lot of time for booksignings at the moment. However, rest assured, with the release of FITP (probably October or November this year), I will likely resume my events and signing schedule with my faithful compadre, Jonathan Martin. Jon also hopes to have a Special Edition of Threkjshanelle Two available for the holidays.

More info as it becomes available.


Online Stores

Summer Special:
Save big on selected apparel and caps including Jerseys, Tank Tops, and Golf Shirts. Plus purchase as much as you want, and shipping is only $5. Spend $50 or more, and receive FREE shipping. Sale ends August 31st, so click here to go to the CFTF Online Store!
New items have also been added to the CFTF store including license plate frames, black caps and a briefcase. 16" x 20" posters have also been added for each novel to each of the stores (see below). And, if you'd rather not buy online, make note of what you would like and call the toll-free number.

Introducing the Hope for Tomorrow Online Store!
The time has come to expand your options. Now, caps, shirts and other items are available imprinted with official HFT artwork, logos, cover designs. And good news: The Summer Special mentioned above is good for both stores. Click here to go to the HFT Online Store!

But wait! There's more! Also Introducing the Faith in the Past Online Store!
With the imminent release of Faith in the Past to the public (see below), I've gone ahead and put up a store featuring artwork and logos from the upcoming third book in the series. This is the first place you'll be able to see how it all fits in with the other two books and the only place you can get the coolest wall clock ever to be created by man (in my humble opinion).

Some products from the three stores overlap (caps, shirts, etc.), but others do not so make sure you check out all of the stores before making all of your buying decisions. Each store also includes links to the other stores in the introductory paragraph and the shopping carts are shared so buy what you want from the different stores as you go and check out only once.

What's that? You want to visit the FITP Online Store? Then click here!

Click to order now!

Chance for the Future & Hope for Tomorrow

Nik Tavarone Lives!
Those of you who have read HFT might argue this point with me. However, this month, Riot Act, a short story featuring Nik Tavarone has been accepted into an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy short fiction! Although the title and cover art has not yet been determined, the current frontrunner is "In Other Worlds."
Riot Act tells the story of Nik's internment in a cleansing camp and the events that ultimately lead him to join up with Chance and the resistance. Unlike Taking Chances, which was made into a booklet and distributed at my author events and signings, Riot Act has not yet been made available to my readers. It'll be exclusive to this collection, so you'll want to get yourself a copy of this anthology when it releases! You'll also be able to check out a lot of other great modern speculative fiction voices at the same time. I'm excited about this opportunity to be included with many of my peers in this collection. More information next time.

Nik Tavarone is also featured on the cover and in the pages of the next book in the series, Faith in the Past. Speaking of that...


Faith in the Past

Lots has been finalized over the past month.

Cover Design
The cover for FITP has finally been completed to my satisfaction. As you can see, it's been used extensively in the FITP Online Store as well.

FITP Online Store
See above. Now you can be the first person you know to have exclusive FITP merchandise even before the book is available. Check out the cool clock above.

A Special Surprise
FITP will indeed include a special sneak peak at Fairlight #4, currently titled Faith Restored.

I expect my final edits to be in by the end of August (only a few days from now). Once those suggestions and changes have been incorporated into the manuscript (probably early September), I will give it one more final polish. I expect to submit it to the publisher by the end of September. With the increased speed this new technology provides, I would not be surprised if Faith in the Past would be available to the public by late October or early November... Just in time for Christmas.

The new layout for my website has been completed. Since I've got a lot more books available than I used to and since I am working on even more projects, the new design will be expandable to allow for additions as needed. Not only will it feature a section for the Fairlight series of novels, but it will also touch upon some works in progress as well. Look for the new design in early October (just before FITP becomes available).


Upcoming Projects

Look carefully. You may notice my priorities shifting once again.

Travel Tips for Every Day
While FITP has been with editors and test readers, I've been moving full steam ahead on this list book of useful tidbits that I discovered while traveling that can also be applied to every day life.
Not sure how this one got on top, but I think I can get it wrapped up before I start my next novel in September. Speaking of my next novel...

One of the Girls
contemporary, non-Fairlight series adventure story of twin teenage girls, one of whom discovers that she has extraordinary abilities, has finally been plotted! Woo hoo! I'm looking forward to getting started. It's going to be a fun, character-driven rollercoaster of a story. During the plotting process, I discovered plenty of situations and ideas that just simply wouldn't fit into this novel. The sequel possibilities are indeed numerous. Although I don't expect to curb my vocabulary or the theme, OOTG might even wind up with a Young Adult label on it. Don't let that stop you from reading it though. After all, Narnia, Middle Earth and Hogwarts all started out as "kids" locales.

The Crockett Chronicles
This is the never-ending series of "enhanced" short stories about a friend Chris (co-author, Chris Weil) and I share... A guy I've known since kindergarten named Shawn Crockett. Oh the humor. Oh the exposition. Oh the inside jokes. The sad reality of this project is that Shawn continues to provide ammo for the stories. Chris and I have drawn a line in the sand though. It's time to share the exploits of our friend with the world. Despite the sometimes ruthless nature of our ribbing one another, I expect this book to be a testament to friendship, despite the differences of those involved.

Life is But a Dream
I hate to leave this nonfiction piece about discovering and following one's dreams this far down on the list, especially since I've got some potential agent interest. I'd like to sit down and write the whole thing, but I'll probably put the thing into a proposal. Expect this one to be shopped around, folks (which could mean quite a while before anyone sees it on a shelf). I hope to get an agent and a hefty advance out of it.

Faith Restored
Although a teaser for Fairlight #4 will be included in the published version of FITP, I probably won't get around to actually plotting or writing Faith Restored anytime this year. However, this story is tied very tightly to FITP so I don't expect it to languish very long.


God bless! Thanks again for your support and readership.

Paul M. Carhart
Author, Chance for the Future, Hope for Tomorrow and Faith in the Past (coming soon)