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April 15 , 2002

I'd like to take a few moments to touch upon some personal issues in my life. March was a difficult month. On March 8 of this year, a good friend of mine, Erik Gerhardt, passed away. He was a supporter of my work and a member of this list. In some ways, he was a mentor. In others, I might have been his. It took me a few days to sort of orient myself after getting the news. I look forward to seeing him again one day.

Another problem that dealt with last month, and has since been resolved, is that my car has been the mobile money pit. Those of you who know me well know that I love my Mustang and spend plenty of money on keeping it nice. Well, it seems that one thing after another was going wrong with it -- from computer chip sensors to the air conditioning compressor clutch -- all at the same time. As soon as one issue was diagnosed and fixed, another would crop up. This was frustrating for many reasons. Nevertheless, nearly $3000 in repairs later, the car seems to finally be running like a champ and I am, once again, a happy driver.

Those of you who know me personally also know that it is an ongoing goal of mine to travel. I usually try to make at least one foreign trip a year. Indeed, parts of HFT were inspired by my trip to Italy and the idea for the upcoming Fairlight book, Faith Restored, came from my visit to Israel. In May of 2001, I started a new day job so I had to wait a year to get vacation enough to make a trip. That time is fast approaching. In the meantime, I was able to save up funds to make a trip once I had the time off. Unfortunately, the drain on my funds required to get my car back in working condition depleted that savings. Now I must deal with replenishing it. This means, in all likelihood, taking on freelance graphic design work. I've already lined up some projects that I might have turned down in more financially-friendly days. While I am extremely blessed to have been given these opportunities to replenish my funds, taking on this much additional work will undoubtedly leave me with less time to write.

Still, things on the writing front are moving ahead, albeit a bit slower than I had hoped. The list from the previous Update is still my planned order of achievement and things should only be slowed down for another month or two.

So, without further ado, here's what's going on these days...


Chance Encounters

At long last, Chance Encounters has a new article. The other day I spoke with my brother Brian about music and his creative endeavors. The outcome of the conversation was inspiring, perhaps more for me than for him.

I hope you enjoy "Writing: Why it is the Most Creative Artform" by Paul M. Carhart


Upcoming Events

Jonathan Martin delivered the final version of Threkjshanelle: Collection Two to his publisher on April 12. What does this mean? It means that our much postponed book signing at McKinzey-White can go back on the schedule... probably sometime in June or early July. More will follow as his publishing schedule is solidified.


Chance for the Future & Hope for Tomorrow

Colorado Availability: In addition to the copies of Chance for the Future rotating through Pike's Peak Public Library (there are four), Heroes & Dragons (Citadel Mall) still has a signed copy and McKinzey-White still has a few signed copies. Media Play (Citadel Crossing) no longer has their copies of Chance for the Future and Hope for Tomorrow so don't go looking for them there.

There are a couple other things in the works to expand my promotion beyond Colorado but nothing is in place yet. I hope to have more information in the May edition of the Update.

Still, feel free to ask for either book at your favorite book seller anywhere in the U.S. If they don't have them in stock, they can order them for you.


Faith in the Past

I'm about halfway through the latest editing pass for Faith in the Past. I'm amazed at how much red ink I'm going through. Still, I expect it to be a great story and a fun ride and I'm committed to getting it ready for publication sooner than later -- no matter how much graphic design work I end up doing to replenish my finances. Once I finish this pass, I'll hand it off to my "real" editors. Even after they finish editing it, the manuscript will get yet another pass by me. I believe in making each book better than the last and am committed to putting the time and effort into FITP to make it the best piece of writing I can. Like HFT, FITP will stand alone, especially because I intend to shop it to agents and traditional publishers so I can expand my readership beyond what I am able to do on my own.

That said, I've already started on the cover for FITP. Those of you who are regular readers of Chance Encounters and this update will be the first to see the cover when it is completed -- probably sometime in early May. You might even see an early version of it... that depends on if I keep on tweaking it for months after it's "done."

One noted change in the cast portraying my characters: David Puckett will not be portraying Tannk. Instead, I'm using Jerry Wrischnik who, after having his goatee digitally removed, looks quite the part.


Upcoming Projects

Besides FITP, a few updates on upcoming projects:

1) The Crockett Chronicles
Although things are moving slowly, I am making progress on spritzing up these humorous stories. I haven't yet started any new ones, but there are certain things that my co-writer, Chris Weil, and I have talked about doing to the existing stories and that is what I am working on in between everything else. There are also a handful of new stories that still need to be written to fill in the references in the other stories. We're hoping for a completed and polished first draft by the end of May or June.

2) Travel Tips for Every Day
Most of my tips have been fleshed out. The tips have been organized into three categories (Foreign Travel Tips for Every Day, Domestic Travel Tips for Every Day, and Every Day Tips Adapted to Travel). The format for each tip has also been determined. I expect to work these out over the course of the summer. Once that is done, I'll hand it over to editors and move on to the next project (see #3).

3) Life is But a Dream
Once I complete "Travel Tips," I'll jump back onto this project, which will take considerably more work because it deals with my theories about discovering and following dreams. Perhaps because dreams are often elusive, some of these chapters seem to be as well. Still, I am determined to get my thoughts, ideas and theories about this down. I've had a great deal of reader interest in this book as well as possible agent interest so I don't want to let anyone down (especially myself). I really do think that I have something to say about this and I hope it will help others to do something they love with their life.

4) New Novel: One of the Girls
Twins. Supernatural powers. Mistaken identities. Evil experiments. Told in first person POV.

Now you know as much as I do. Actually, that's not entirely true. I've started working out some plot details and even some of the main characters' family relationships, which is the first stage to plotting the whole thing (in my experience, once the characters solidify, the plot works itself out). Every other day or so, I find myself jotting something else down about this story in my Palm. That usually means it's time to write it. This will be my first non-Fairlight novel. It may be the first of a series, although I can't imagine the series going more than three books. Then again, Chance for the Future was going to be a stand-alone novel so you never really know...

5) Faith Restored
No new progress here. I don't even expect to get to serious plotting it until the end of this year or early 2003. This one has been roughly worked out, although not to the degree that I normally plot to before sitting down and writing. My hope is to get a traditional publisher interested in Faith in the Past and thus the whole series. It would be nice to write the next Fairlight novel on an advance rather than on spec. Still, for those of you who like the Fairlight stories, I want you to know that I have a great love for these characters and am committed to this series and to the stories I have worked out. I will get to it. I just want a change of pace for a bit before I dive back into these stories. Hopefully, if you're waiting for Faith Restored, you'll read my other offerings as they become available.


God bless you! Thanks again so much for your readership and support.

Paul M. Carhart
Author, Chance for the Future & Hope for Tomorrow